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  1. William Kamkwamba, from Malawi, is a born inventor. When he was 14, he built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap, working from rough plans he found in a library book called Using Energy and modifying them to fit his needs. The windmill he built powers four lights and two radios in his family home.
  2. The name William is a boy's name of English origin meaning "resolute protection".. William is derived from the Germanic name Wilhelm, composed of the elements wil, “will,” and helm, referring to a helmet or stefebdicompsagriadergfoundtalawsafet.coinfo name was introduced to England by William the Conqueror, with William being the Norman variation of the name.
  3. William, an English priest who had come to Denmark to evangelize the country, became bishop of Roskilde in Denmark was then ruled by the nominally Catholic king, Sweyn Estridsen. When on a certain New Year's Eve drunken revelers at a royal banquet had made insulting comments about the.
  4. Williams-Sonoma Home carries an elegant collection of luxury furniture and home décor.
  5. William I, duke of Normandy (as William II) from and king of England from , one of the greatest soldiers and rulers of the Middle Ages. William made himself the mightiest noble in France and then (as William the Conqueror) changed the course of England’s history by his conquest of that country.
  6. Apr 12,  · Two scientists fall in love and conceive the idea of cloning a Neanderthal. The result is William: the first Neanderthal to walk the earth in 35, years. William 42%.
  7. William definition, a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter W. See more.
  8. Jun 23,  · Williams %R is a momentum indicator in technical analysis that measures overbought and oversold levels. It is similar to the stochastic oscillator in .
  9. What does William mean? W illiam as a boys' name is pronounced stefebdicompsagriadergfoundtalawsafet.coinfo is of Old German origin, and the meaning of William is "determined protector".From wil meaning "will", "desire" and helm meaning "helmet", "protection". For a long time after the Norman conquest in AD , three out of four English boys were given some form of the conqueror's name, William.

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