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Diffusion - Various - The Architecture Of The Incidental (CD)

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  1. Mar 05,  · Delineating cortical microstructure differentiation is important for understanding complicated yet precisely organized patterns in early developing brain. Knowledge of cortical differentiation predominantly from histological studies is limited in localized and discrete cortical regions. We quantified the preterm brain cerebral cortical profile with microstructural complexity [indexed by .
  2. Through the assessment of dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE) patterns and the extent of restricted diffusion, providing information about lesion vascularity, cellularity, and tissue architecture, MRI can further characterize various types of tissue.
  3. Technically, the insides of this package from Naxos deliver what the outside promises: an "A to Z" compilation of classical composers, a page book, and over minutes of music. The implication would be, however, that the book is coordinated with the music, which is only loosely true. The Price: $
  4. Measurement of diffusivity in white matter. Measures from DTI allow inferences about WM microstructure in vivo by quantifying the directionality and rate of diffusion of water within tissue. At the level of the basic unit of the MRI image (i.e., voxel), this information is represented mathematically as a diffusion ellipsoid.
  5. An open act of detournement (or diversion), The Architecture of the Incidental felicitously finds aural residues - traces of transience and our growing experience of a drifting, sightless world - and, through an array of aleatory processes, endeavors to deflect them from their function. The work leans heavily on the aged body of The Situationists - specifically that of Guy Debord.

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