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We Got Extasy

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  1. Aug 19,  · "I think my standards get lowered a lot when I'm on ecstasy," said one year-old participant. "When I'm at the club and I'm hooking up with some guy, like, five minutes later when we.
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  3. A former Tacoma, Wash., resident was convicted in federal court Friday for his role in smuggling a 2 million dollar load Ecstasy across the border from Canada into the United States in a case investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).
  4. Especially hoes and extasy [Verse 3: Black Child] We got the murder man that's the spot to chill Got bitches pop the pill feelin' hot for real Take that shirt off take that skirt off.
  5. They all got an A-be honor OJ And shorti that I just met name was Candy Said she let this true candy to bring it up I with intentions to OD Drink "evian" slowly when I'm on E And only those who feel me Are gonna hear me Especially hoes -n- extasy We got the murder man that's the spot to chill Got bitches pop the pill feelin hot for real.
  6. So we got about % success rate against customs. Meds for sale: research chemical and ecstasy pills We boast multiple facilities in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia striving to make high-quality meds accessible to everyone.
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  8. Over here we got tha X for tha ear (We got that ecstasy) (Over here) Over here (We got tha X for tha ear) We got tha X for tha ear Peace but not on the streets it seems We did to the world in a snooze But if I get up get up and never let up And watch for the set-up Yo, I can't lose.
  9. A new drug is sweeping the country: a compound called MDMA, also known as Ecstasy. Law enforcement officials say the drug worries them more than any other. It .

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